YOU and the OTHER – A Mirror of Reflection.

Who are you, and who is the other?

The things we don’t like in others, because that person is different. The weather we like, the weather we dislike. The thoughts we like, the thoughts we dislike. The known in the perceived something, and the fear of the perceived nothing.

Like a child’s fear of the dark. We perpetuate the child’s fear by turning on the light, instead of teaching the child that the dark is in fact the light. We segregate opposites into good and bad. We decide that if only that opposite didn’t exist, life would be better. However that is the equivalent of saying life would be better if I only had a front, and not a back.

The absolute insanity in our resistance to opposites, to different. In that resistance we fail to realise that resistance is a schizophrenic dislike of our own condition, and the condition of the entire universe. We fail to see the beauty that exists in the opposite. The opposite is the condition of your whole life, unfolding in a never ending background of scale, light and dark contrast.

If you draw a beautiful picture on a white canvas with a white pencil, what will you see? If a beautiful blue sky was not framed by contrasting green and brown land, how would you even be aware it was there? How would you know weather was extreme if it were never fine, and vice versa? Inside you, how would you know happiness if you never knew sadness? How would you know a black person if everyone was white? Being racist is no different to the front not wanting the back, pure insanity.

Now here’s the kicker.

The front is the back. The light is the dark. The white is the black. Existence is non existence. The fear of your death is no different to the child’s fear of the dark. Life is death and death is life. No beginning and no ending.

Mans illusion of linear time is also imagined, because the background is unchanging and ever present. The conditions under which the universe and existence itself operate, care not for what the mind and ego imagines is true. Stop and see what’s really going on. It’s all part of the one, one depends on the other, because the one is the other.

Next time you see a bird flying past, consider the background in which that bird is appearing. If there was no contrast in the background, how would you even be aware of the bird? What does a polar opposite do? It shows you what you are, it reflects your own existence to you, it provides you with a background so you can see and be aware of yourself.

How about when you next feel yourself in resistance to another human beings behavior? Just be aware that the behavior you don’t like is also in you, and there’s nothing we resist more than seeing ourselves in another. Your bigotries, hatreds, dislikes, likes, loves, fears, doubts, inspirations and motivations, are all the contrasts of the one energy that is viewing the contrast within itself.

Existence! Life! It’s so obvious.

Keep playing the game by all means, this knowledge does not stop the discomfort, because the discomfort is also part of the whole. The fear of an end keeps us asleep at the wheel, keeps us busy not looking at the truth. Not seeing the big picture of life that is stitched together with opposites. Not seeing that the end is just another beginning in the never ending cycle of existence.

Life and existence is simply providing a contrast in order to be able to play the game of being able to see itself. Somehow we have hypnotised ourselves into believing there is such a thing as other than, separate from.

Existence is one, it’s obvious. There is only one, there can only be one. Your hatred of the other is in fact the hatred of yourself!


Grant Giles created Sports Supports after 30 years as both an athlete and coach, and 10 years studying ego psychology. Grant understands first hand what it takes to succeed in sport, regardless of which sport this is, and what level you are competing at. Not only does Grant understand the ego at an athletic level, Grant has also suffered from anxiety and depression throughout his life, having experienced first hand the debilitating effects of the mind. Grant has an easy, caring nature that allows him to meet his clients in a way that creates an ease that allows him to facilitate personal growth whether that be on a sporting or personal level, or both.

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