Wikipedia – There are differing claims on such questions as what constitutes truth: what things are truth bearers capable of being true or false; how to define and identify truth; the roles that faith-based and empirically based knowledge play; and whether truth is subjective or objective, relative or absolute.
In sport and in life generally we talk about truth, but what is it? What does it really mean? There is always debate in sport about training methods, choices people make, the right way, the wrong way. These days marketing and social media play a big role in decision making. Businesses spend big dollars marketing their products in an attempt to polarise opinion, and governments do the same thing; pushing their agendas through fear to keep us consuming. Wherever there are groups of people there will be polarised opinion, and in some cases collective insanity. One need only look at history to see the evidence of this fact. War is a simple case of collective insanity through polarised thinking, but people tend to think they are immune to it because they believe in one doctrine or the other. How though can killing be justified through any doctrine? It’s sheer madness.

What exactly are you measuring?
Technology is reaching astounding levels not only in triathlon, but sport in general. There is a lot of debate around the role of science amongst a million other things that are being pushed by companies or groups with a vested interest.
Amongst athletes there is a growing level of anxiety around measuring every conceivable thing, from the data coming off their latest Garmin screens, to what a nutrition company is telling them to put in their mouths. Power meter manufacturers are telling you that there’s no way of getting it right without measuring crank torque, Garmin wants you to monitor your flight time, speedo wants you to measure your stroke efficiency, and Trainingpeaks wants you to measure everything and upload it.
In the past coaches and athletes used training tools as a guide, to provide some extra feedback as an aid. The quest for an improved bottom line and convincing marketing has seen the number of, and use of measuring tools blown completely out of proportion. The bottom line is coaches are turning into data analysts, and athletes are turning into robots that can’t make a decision. The pressure of keeping up with market trends is seeing coaches frightened to go against the flow.

What the is the truth?
You are the truth. You are literally your own truth, and the quicker you learn this the better off you’ll be. You can search google for a thousand years and there will never be an answer, you’ll go on bouncing from one sales pitch to another, one opinion to the next, and be lost in a world of contradictory noise. The reason you will be lost is because you are looking for the truth, and it’s nowhere to be found. Have you ever noticed yourself in confusion trying to make a decision? Looking to other people for their opinions, googling others opinions, frozen in indecision?
Here’s a fact and about the only fact you can count on – the truth always arises inside you (ie) everything you are looking for is already in you. While ever you look for your answers out there you’ll be lost, there is nothing out there!

The mirror
The reason we are so confused is that we are a mirror to ourselves. Let me explain what this means.
No serious decision can be made on the level of the mind, the truth will only arise from the gut. This takes awareness and presence, something that is seriously lacking in this world. What we are doing in our confusion as athletes and people is mirroring the noise of our minds to the world. The world is literally a mirror to the noise of the collective mind, and if you ever sit and seriously listen to the thoughts that the mind throws up you’ll know instantly what I’m speaking of here. There’s sometimes not a whole lot of rationale there so you can’t expect there to be a whole lot out in the world either, it’s just common sense.
So what’s the answer? Don’t be polarised. Don’t join the masses in the mirror of the mind, there’s no peace there. Listen to your gut instincts, they exist for a reason. We are losing touch with the greatest piece of technology that has ever existed – the innate intelligence of self.

Marketing polarisation
Keep in mind that it’s a marketers job to polarise your thinking. Let’s get one thing crystal clear, there is no one single person on planet Earth that is the same as you, you are unique. Be who and what you are, in your own uniqueness, and if you want to be a better athlete, or better in anything that you pursue for that matter, above all be yourself; learn about yourself; light the fire of self–discovery, because that will do far more for you than any piece of equipment you can buy. A piece of equipment to try and measure what you are. Now here’s the truth, no piece of equipment will ever measure what you are.
Stop looking out at the world for what you need and start looking inward. You won’t find any truth in any training related article or advice. Every piece of advice you read can be counter argued, and somewhere it is.

The truth of the matter is that the truth only exists from your perception. When people argue, it’s because you are rocking their version of what they believe. As a result, they get scared and defend it.

Want to know the secret?
If you want to really win and take yourself forward you have to learn about yourself. You have to feel yourself and work out how your body works. No one can do this for you, you are solely responsible. Outside there is no truth, there never was.

You are the truth, go forward and trust in yourself and your own journey. Listen to the gut, let it guide and you can’t go wrong. The only truth that has any value at all is your own. Walk your own walk, talk your own talk.


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