The Warrior Athlete

Competitiveness is not aggression. At least not in the way we believe it to be. We tend to think in sport that to be a warrior we need to go to war with the others. That the war is all out there with them.

If there is one thing that seriously hampers an athletes progression, it is the illusion that the competition is all out there with the others, and that I need to take it to them.

You can’t take it to anyone unless you first take it to yourself. Find the intrinsic drivers, find the will, find the desire and you will find the warrior inside yourself.

The intrinsic is progression, the projection leads to obsession, regression, frustration and anger.

We are spoon fed this idea that resilience and strength
are the realms of aggression and overcoming self and the others, to chew on a piece of lead and be tough as nails so you can be seen to do so.

The warrior is someone who can look into their own authentic state without flinching, without turning away from the darkness they find there. A warrior is someone willing to accept the conditions of their own state and the conditions they function under, to have self trust.

When we look at warriors and examples of best practise, we need to look deeper than what we think a warrior is.

Aggression is not strength, warriors are not warriors because they are aggressive, in most aggression is a sign of weakness.

True warriors wear their power by allowing themselves to be seen, both inwardly and outwardly. They don’t care what others think, say or do, they back themselves by the level of self trust they feel.

There have been people like Gandi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mother Terresa to name the tip of the iceberg, all warriors of peace, but warriors none the less, with immense power to change the world. That’s an inner process that manifests an outer powerful outcome.

Then of course we are using words which are pretty lousy at describing depth and meaning. We place far too much importance on words, and no where near enough on awareness and pure intuition, the act of really listening.

There is no depth and no meaning in projection, you can visualise yourself being strong and tough until the cows come home, you can wear the mask of toughness on the outside and have the world think you are tough and strong, but if the inner truth doesn’t match the projection, it’s little more than a fantasy.

The more weight you have invested in the projection, the harder you are going to hit the pavement when you fall, and fall you will.

The greatest warriors the world has seen, both female and male, have walked softly on the earth, said very little, and carried a big stick that no one can see. That stick is called self awareness and self understanding that leads to self trust. Their ability lies in their capacity to listen inwards and as a consequence understand the illusion outside themselves.

Not necessarily aggression at all, that quiet inner acceptance and understanding can manifest immense resilience, strength and endurance in so many ways that carry absolutely no aggression at all.

The inner life force we all carry is far more resilient than we know, we hear again and again incredible tales of survival when people are lost in harsh environments. Weeks without food and water, impossible tales of survival.

Life force will hang on, long after the mind throws in the towel. The intelligence of the life force we are all imbued with refuses to go easily into the night, and when push comes to shove it does it silently without so much as a whisper.

We have this mad idea that our body is trying to kill us because it sends messages to us, thirst, hunger, headaches, dizziness are not your life force trying to kill you, it’s your life forces intelligence trying to get your minds ignorant attention.

Half the western world ignores every signal and so is obese and unhealthy, mmmm that greasy burger and litre of coke sure looks good, but you have chosen to be an athlete, you need to learn how to listen, not how to ignore.

Contrary to popular belief, a great athlete is not someone who ignores pain, discomfort and suffering, its someone who accepts it as part of their process, and listens deeply to the instinct and intuition that the life force is supplying, not as a hinderance but as a saviour.

You’ve heard the old saying “hanging on for dear life”?

What’s the point I’m making?

Many athletes give it up, the mental exhaustion from trying to wrestle with the thing psychologically wears them out, not the physical demands of it. The mind measures, judges, compares, overanalyses, obsesses, grips and efforts its way to exhaustion, then when it gets fatigued it overlays everything in layers of doubt.

You can imagine easily how dangerous this situation could be should you find yourself lost in the desert or stranded in an avalanche, critical thinking is what is required in that situation, critical thinking can only arise in a rational mind, and a rational mind only arises when a judgmental, doubtful mind has left the building.

Allowing your rational thinking to be clouded by doubt and projection will get you killed.

Survival is down to instinct, intuition, gut, will, desire, pure heart, the will to live and the totality of the life force! Those imbued qualities are the requirement of the natural world that helps it survive.

Now, can you see the application to athletes and sport here?

The question is not how do I use my mind to overcome these others out here? The question is, how do I match my process with the power of my life force?

Let the life force inform your rational mind, and let the instinct and intuition supply the rational mind with the information it needs to react to the process in this moment unhindered.

Deal with reality and leave the projections for those who like fiction.

Now you are asking and dealing with the questions of the true warrior.

Gilesy. 🙏👊

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