The Power of Consistency

Failing to meet the mark? Somehow know your are capable of more? Is there a little voice in the ether that keeps whispering to you that your chance is slipping away?

Maybe I don’t have what it takes? But what does having what it takes really mean?

These questions can often lead us down the wrong path. We often go straight past the turn off we are meant to take and continue all the way around the mountain, when we could have simply followed the shortest route.

But the shortest route often seems too simple, too obvious!

So we walk past it in our ignorance, thinking it must somehow look different, more complex.

If you are failing to hit the mark it doesn’t mean that you don’t have what it takes, it just means you are not doing what it takes.

If my consistency is good and I am consistently engaged I can relax, I can have some fun and enjoy the process.

On the other hand if I am lax, physically or mentally, messy, too blasé, I am deep down going to know it. It’s going to unconsciously bother me, I know somewhere I’m not doing whats required, I may even be turning up and going through the physical work consistently, but that still doesn’t mean I’m consistent if I am failing to engage.

This sets up a nasty realm where I’m not meeting my
own internal standards, I’m either doing the work and failing to engage, or I am simply kidding myself and not doing the work. Both roads lead to me metaphorically having my own hands around my throat.

Both roads lead me past the turnoff to the shortest route.

It’s not comfortable to be failing your own standards, trying to engage a process while the nagging metaphorical foot is kicking your own arse. It’s amazing at times how long athletes will go on with the arse kicking before their backside gets so sore that they finally wake up, or not!

We can also get lost in victim hood when we are doing the required work but failing to meet the mark.

When we make consistency a one dimensional physical realm, we ignore the intrinsic drivers, the motivators like enthusiasm, purpose and the pure will in it. We can easily look at it and think, well shit, I’m doing the work and it’s not happening, that’s not fair.

Not only is it fair, it’s justice, it’s a deeper requirement to put you back onto the right path because your resistance keeps you lost. Before you throw the towel in you’d better first make sure you know where you are, many don’t.

Perhaps your missing of the mark is a deeper calling to look at your consistency a little more completely.

Consistency is not at all one dimensional, it’s a word that refers to the physical, psychological and even spiritual realms of engaging in the process, it asks you only to bring what you’ve got, it’s not at all interested in what you are not.

It’s the simplest thing of all, it’s the most beautiful rule of sport, the simple, sweet, pure rule of the justice that comes with complete consistency.

It can’t be that easy, can it? You bet it can!


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