The Plasticine of the mind

Mind Plasticine

If you think of your mind as a bed of plasticine it’s easy to understand how the past affects us. For every major event or trauma an indentation is made in the plasticine, and if we allow it this is how the past can follow us into the future or more importantly, how it follows us and affects us in the present moment.
Our minds are conditioned –conditioned by society and the structures within it. As we grow up, the major conditioning factors are obviously our parents, the education system, and religion. These factors apply pressure – pressure to conform and pressure to perform. A growing child has a need to feel secure and so becomes conditioned. When we look rationally at our conditioning we become aware that it is based around fear. It is ultimately fear that drives us to conform and perform, and this leaves us with no room for the natural creativity of the individual that we are born with; our god given talents are conditioned out of us.
Our conditioning structure brings us much contradiction and breeds turmoil, insecurity, and in a collective sense often leads to war. This insecurity manifests itself inwardly and as a consequence, outwardly into the world causing conflict in our lives. Fear leads to division and as a consequence we never feel whole. This is clearly not a background conducive to optimal performance, yet this is what most people are dealing with.

Looking for a definition

This conditioning and fear leads us to want to define ourselves, unconsciously we begin to look for what we really are. The “me” becomes extremely important. The “me” wants to fulfil itself through a better performance, more money, a better house, some form of immortality to leave behind and avoid the ultimate truth that every man and women has to face – we are going to die.
We apply the same doctrines to our children through the education system that does not in any way help to enhance the child’s natural talents, it does nothing at all to teach the child how to be intuitive and to rely on their natural intelligence. Our education system turns out mechanical humans taught to live in fear to perform, accept certain jobs, and live a certain way until they ultimately die without even knowing who or what they actually are. Why do we live this way?
This security in a definition that we look for in order to not feel fear creates chaos in our lives. That is obvious when you look at the absurdity of the outward world –war, famine, racial hatred for a very brief example. We look for a collective definition as a mirror to our own conditioned search for our identity, an identity that we have all been disconnected from through our conditioning.

What are we afraid of?

All this effort we go through to hold “material things” close, to hold our psychological definition of ourselves close; “I own this house; I have this much money; this job that I have is what I am; I achieved this result therefore I am”. And yet is there not certain emptiness in it all that you just can’t put your finger on?
This strange empty feeling at the pit of your stomach that leaves you feeling afraid? No matter what the result, no matter how much money, no matter how big the house? Still this emptiness comes back! What is this emptiness? What is this fear?
If you remove all the possessions, all the definition s, what are you left with? Nothing? You are left with the only tangible thing in existence, your pure sense of self. Why do we work this way our whole lives only to find out on our deathbeds what our true definition really is?


What is freedom then? Can you purchase it if you have enough money? Will it come with that promotion? What about the natural intelligence that you are?
Freedom is at your fingertips, it always has been. To start to clear away the confusion of the conditioned mind. To start enquiring into your own behaviour. This is the first real step to freedom that you’ll ever make. To start to see how you have imprisoned yourself through a state of mind that has collectively been applied upon you by society through fear. “What would my mother say? What would people think if I did this”? If you look deeply into your own psychy with honesty you will start to see the truth that we are held down by fear and anxiety to conform.
There is no immorality in following your own intuitive path, if we did the world would be a much more peaceful place and human performance at every level would skyrocket.
There is nothing to fear, it’s an illusion, we came in with nothing, and we will go out with nothing. That with what you feel at the felt sense level is what you are.
Be your true self, nothing comes close. You are the limited edition, there was no other like you ever made, that in itself makes you special – that is a real definition. Live it!


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