The Only Real Question

The great Sri Ramana Maharashi termed the profoundly simple self enquiry-

Who am I?

Has there ever been a better time for this question?

The more that question is asked internally, the deeper the worm hole goes until you realise there is an existential realm within all of us that is primary, primary in that it glues this whole thing we know as existence together. It is not part of our experience, it is the container of it.

Out of it comes the physical world that we call reality. You don’t have to look very deep at all to see how fragile that word reality is. The dimension in which we live this so called reality is dynamic, we only dream that reality is at all solid.

Collectively humanity is going through a mass realisation that the dimension of reality can rip like tissue paper, one moment you are in one reality and the next moment the whole landscape has changed.

This usually happens on an individual level, some of us are shaken lose from our tree early when trauma or a sudden change of life is forced on us. This time we are going through it collectively.

It is probably the single biggest driver of the discomfort that most people are feeling right now. I’d like a dollar for every time I have heard the words weird, strange, eery, scary, surreal come out of peoples mouths lately.

So as someone who has been in this territory before maybe for some people these words will help.

Life on the physical plain is not solid. It never has been and it never will be. Expecting it to be so is like expecting your dreams to make perfect sense, and how often does that happen?

The gap between what you dream and what you call this reality is much more narrow than we’d be comfortable enough to admit.

Do we ever really answer the following question honestly, especially at the moment?

How are you? I’m great, no you’re not!

For some of us the answer might look something like this- I’ve got a trillion questions about life that I’m not sure I want the answers to, and my reality is feeling somewhat thin and fragile right now.

Now what does this have to do with what is happening to our reality right now?

Everything. Possibly the only thing!

Does being in touch with our deeper existential reality change anything on an outer level? No.

Life on an outer objective level is still unstable and fragile. Why? Because it’s not primary, your sense of being and self is.

Doesn’t take an Einstein to work out the ramifications if you can only sense yourself as an object in an unstable reality.

Does it help to know oneself as something deeper than a victim of circumstance? You bet it does!

You can study the mind if you want to, but realise that the mind is a reflection of the objective world put here as a tool to help you navigate it, not to rule you, and collectively it has largely ruled us.

As a species we have struggled for millennia to try to stabilise the unstable, to try to make permanent the transient.

If you were on a bus would you want that to be permanent? Would you not get insanely bored? Would it not eventually become sheer torture?

This lack of stability is design, it was never designed to be stable or permanent, it was designed for the realm of consciousness, held by awareness itself, to be able to have an experience that is constantly in a state of flux. The lives that we lead on an outer level are literally flux.

We’ve gotten ourselves into so much trouble by ignoring this fact.

Every now and again the deeper existential reality sends us a messenger, like Ramana, and like the many others throughout the world who keep coming and going through the transience that makes up this outer reality, perhaps on some level they are the same being coming again and again.

We look at them as a collective and think ‘ah that esoteric bullshit’ again as we continue to go about our business of objectifying everything we see and contact including ourselves and others, while ignoring that burning discomfort underneath that just won’t go away, that unstoppable question that just keeps on coming.

Who am I?

This is it, this is our time as a species to look into the depth of that question.

Love to all in this,

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