Some kind words from clients past and present.
Our passion is in supporting people to achieve their goals in sport,
and to apply what they learn to improve the quality of their everyday lives.

“Grant has ‘coached’ me for many years. He is not just a sporting or mental coach, but a life coach. He has taught me to believe in myself, to believe in the process, and to accept what is going on with full submission. As a result my life is at peace. We have developed a two way relationship of mutual respect. Above all I enjoy what I do more than ever because of what I learn from Grant. The results now look after themselves.”

~ Roderick Smith
Every day man who takes on extraordinary challenges.
Training to swim the English Channel in 2018.

“I was having motivation problems getting through the first 2 hours of the 5 hour plus Molokai to Oahu Paddle board race, and I didn’t have a plan of attack that would stay with me.
I could feel a big difference in training and racing the M2O after the first 10 years, and over the last 9 years lost confidence to start hard, and felt empty mentally for weeks after the race.
So in my 20th year I had Grant Giles in my corner, and he totally restructured my thoughts and helped me to feel the love again.
“Feel” being the key for me, I started to feel my thoughts and not just have them enter my head and go straight back out with no positive reaction.
I have a strong set of thoughts that I feel when I’m paddling now, and the flow and ease that it creates for me is like having another gear and a reset button, that quickly puts me back in flow when those tough times come over me out in one of the toughest 52 km plus channels of ocean in the world.
I’m counting down the days to get back into flow in the Molokai Channel for 2017.
Thank you Grant, you are the master of endurance!”

~ Mick Di Betta
Board paddler, coach and Molokai World Champion.

“Understanding the minds part in reaching our true potential, whether in sport or in life, is one of the keys to reaching our goals. Grant’s experiences as an athlete and coach, combined with his psychology studies, give him a unique insight into how everything works.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, well Grant has. I use Grant’s  philosophy both in my Ironman triathlon racing and in daily life, and his techniques and insights have made a real difference.”

~ Tony Suters
Accountant, business owner and amateur triathlete.

“From the nervous pre-race jitters and the “I don’t want to do this thoughts”, to getting back on the bike after crashing into the boards at over 40km/h and racing again- mindfulness was the key to my success this weekend.

Thank you so much Grant, I really don’t think I would have gotten the results I did without it.”

~ Kerry Anne Seadon
Cyclist - NSW Time Trial Champion

” I had a dream to do an Ironman. Well, my dream came true on the 3rd May 2015 at Ironman Australia in Port Macquarie. Leading up to Ironman, my anxiety levels started to rise. Gilesy sent me some tips on “how to handle the mind”. In my opinion this was the most valuable piece of advice I received throughout my entire preparation, and it has changed the way I will approach any goal in life generally now.

Race day arrived and I was ready to tackle my first Ironman. Grant had me mentally prepared, and not only did I enjoy my first Ironman, I LOVED it ,and I really feel that Grant’s influence was a huge part of this.

I’m not a pro athlete nor am I a top age grouper, I am just a wife and a mother to my little girl. This dream would not have been possible without the support, guidance and knowledge from Grant at Sports Supports. Thank you Grant for getting me to that finish line. You’re a book of knowledge and I feel honoured to have worked with you!”

~ Peta Cutler
Mum, wife and amateur triathlete