Societies Terror: Individuality or Difference of Ideology?

What is the source of society’s anxiety, individuality or difference of ideology? Societies absolute terror of individuality.

There is much more to society than manicured lawns, clean cars, and wearing the same clothes as everyone else to keep up with the current fashion. The learning and regurgitating of information at school, to then repeat this at university. Then to come out and regurgitate non individuality at work for the rest of your life, and wage all out war on any group or individual that appears different.

For many is the background feeling that something is terribly wrong with this picture, but they are just not quite sure what it is. So they dull the sensors each night by having a few drinks, and projecting onto their next goal of wealth accumulation, in order not to feel this encroaching background darkness.

Pink Floyd termed it perfectly in their album “Dark side of the moon” with the lyrics, “Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way. The time is gone, the song is over. Thought I’d something more to say”.

We, the societal mob, have a terror of outsiders. Outsiders make us uncomfortable. Perhaps this is the fact that society is forced to look at itself, at the fact that this way of living is perhaps not the only way to exist, hence our rampant resistance to other cultures and racism of difference. Religious and political differences makes western society for example incredibly uneasy, how could any view other than ours be correct?

We worship God, and at the same time think that bombing other human beings, all due to them having a differing ideology or religious view, is somehow OK. All in Gods name.

We go to BBQ’s and talk about people who are not present behind their backs, should they dare stray outside of what the mob considers the norm. If aliens ever do land on this planet they are going to think we are completely insane to live this way, and they’d be right.

The human condition is the same everywhere we look, there is no difference in the state of pure consciousness, regardless of what country we live in. Is our national ideology, and our collective societal thought process, our definition as a species?

From the standpoint of life itself, what difference is there in a human life in the west to a human life in the east? It’s just an ideology, that is the only difference. An ideology is a simple collective thought of the mob mentality. Like it or lump it, we are one! So far we’ve lumped it and continue to do so.

We have waged war for thousands of years based on our perceived differences. It’s 2018 and we are just as insane now as we were 2000 years ago when Jesus Christ was walking the earth trying to get people to wake up. It’s got nothing to do with planet earth and territory. Racism is a ridiculous ideology and a complete mental illusion.

If you put human beings on a different planet and settled them there, how long do you think it would take before they started to wage war on each other? Before they started to kill each other over one ideology or another?

We think we are superior to animals, and we often call murders and rapists animals. We have no right to, because they have far more integrity and dignity than we do as a species of consciousness, which is what we all really are.

Evolution will sort this out eventually, or human beings will simply disappear. We will either wake up or we will perish. From the standpoint of consciousness it makes no difference. We are just not that important.

In the west, will it take the return of Jesus Christ to save us all? Will we wait till the hour of our death and then ask to be saved, to be absolved from all our sins?

Why not start your own revolution, and follow the advice of all the enlightened teachers over thousands of years, who have all been pointing in the same direction – which is to wake up from this nightmare of the collective human ego.

To live life from your definition of pure consciousness, and then see what happens to the borders of ideology in your own mind, as they all start to dissolve. As they move from hate to love, from judgement to compassion, from anxiety to stillness, from doing to being.

The saving of humanity is down to you! It is not Gods or the divine’s job to save us. It is your individual responsibility and yours alone. While ever we are projecting responsibility outward, we will continue to suffer the same outcomes. The wake up call has been ringing for thousands of years, and we keep hitting the snooze button.

It’s time to wake up and get up!


Grant Giles created Sports Supports after 30 years as both an athlete and coach, and 10 years studying ego psychology. Grant understands first hand what it takes to succeed in sport, regardless of which sport this is, and what level you are competing at. Not only does Grant understand the ego at an athletic level, Grant has also suffered from anxiety and depression throughout his life, having experienced first hand the debilitating effects of the mind. Grant has an easy, caring nature that allows him to meet his clients in a way that creates an ease that allows him to facilitate personal growth whether that be on a sporting or personal level, or both.

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