Exploring Sports Performance - Online Series

An online audio series based on our successful webinars and workshops. An exploration into sports performance beyond the physical.

This series is relevant to all sports and suitable for all experience levels.

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Narrowed down into the nitty gritty of what the definition of true sports performance is based on, a human experience of it.

We like to think of ourselves as machines, and often when we think of sport specific mental toughness, we think this is what it means. It is not, mental toughness is the ability to truly tune in not out. If we are tuning out, we are copping out and divorcing ourselves from true potential.

The recorded webinar course is designed to help you cope with the judgment of yourself, and your environment that keeps you divorced from fully realizing your potential. The course opens up a line of self-enquiry that will help you to connect to yourself and helps you to become more present in the moment. Free of the judgment which keeps you stuck, you will find new energy and the freedom to do things you never believed possible!

Mind blocks such as fear, self-judgement, poor self-confidence, inability to focus or concentrate and the judgement of pain and it’s limiting affect on our performances; we’ve helped individuals break through these barriers to tackle fitness challenges and reach athletic performance they never thought possible.


An exploration into sports performance, delivered as an audio recording for flexibility and convenience for time poor athletes.

Sport: All sports

Level: All experience levels will enjoy and benefit from this course.

Which sports is this series applicable to?

The series is applicable to all sports, both individual and team sports.

What level do I need to be competing at for this course to be relevant?

The series is relevant to all levels of competition, including those pursuing sport for personal challenges.

Is there any age limit or requirement?

No there is not, only a desire to listen and learn.

On which devices can I listen to the recordings?

You can listen to the recordings on any computer, your phone (in browser or via the app!), or on your ipod.

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