Do you really believe that training harder and longer is enough to help you succeed?

Often this isn’t enough, simple yet effective mindful and mental coaching techniques can help you achieve your goals.

Our individual consultations are a valuable investment in giving you the practicable tools in your advancement as an athlete.


Individual consultations are one hour in length, and are held online via our virtual meeting room.

Our consultations allow you to focus on the particular issues that are holding you back in sport and in life.

What you will need:

  • A computer, tablet or smart phone with video calling capabilities.
  • An internet connection.

When you undertake our consultations you can expect to take away the following benefits:

  • Overcome your fears and stop doubting yourself
  • Say goodbye to limitations that only ever existed in your mind
  • Build your self confidence rather than squash it
  • Use visualisation as a tool to see yourself succeeding in your goals
  • Learn sensing and grounding exercises to calm your nerves and bring presence
  • The tools to assist you in achieving the best out of yourself

Do I need to be a competitive athlete to benefit from these sessions?

No, Grant works with beginner right through to professional level athletes, and even those who are not athletes at all. Your sessions can easily be applied to your work or personal life.

Do you work with athletes from different sports?

Yes, Grant has worked with athletes from individual sports such as triathlon, ultra endurance swimming, sprint track running, surf life saving and boxing, and team sports including AFL.

Is there any age limit or requirement?

No there is not, Grant has worked with teenagers right up to 70 years old.

How does a session work?

Once you have booked, you will receive an email with a direct link to the online meeting at your requested time and date. All that you require is a computer, smart phone or similar that is capable of video calls. At the designated time, just click the link and meet Grant online for your session.

I don’t have a computer or phone capable of video calls. Can I still book a session?

Yes, Grant offers sessions over the phone if this is more convenient for you.

Can I have a copy of the session to look at again?

Yes, all sessions are recorded for your personal use. Grant will provide a copy after each session for your personal use.

How many sessions will I require?

This is very personal, and Grant can guide you if you so choose. This is not a pushy service and thus we don’t have or recommend any minimum number of sessions.

I’m a bit unsure if this is right for me, what can I do?

Please send Grant an enquiry here and he’ll be happy to assist you.