Sculpting Success! The Act of Removal to Actualise Potential.

When a sculptor creates a sculpture, he removes stone to create it, he chips away and shapes it. He doesn’t add to it. The best way to uncover potential is to keep removing the stone. The act of removal is what actualising potential is all about. You are removing the clutter, dissembling the structures that have kept you trapped. Freeing yourself from the limitations at the same time. As the structures fall away, so too do the limitations.

The first thing you need to remove is your clinging to success. Because you cling to it, you believe you have to add something to yourself in order to achieve it. It’s a false dichotomy, it’s the same damn thing. Clinging and adding are the same thing. The clinging and the attachment causes you to look to add.

While you should have been chipping away, you have been furiously trying to add to yourself, and as a consequence you are going nowhere. Sure you’re gaining knowledge, but it’s not original to you, what is it teaching you about yourself? Instead of lightening your load, you are adding weight. In fact you are heading away from potential not towards it, because potential can only ever be realised in the one place, and that is deep inside you, in the place that knows nothing of what is impossible.

Once you have removed all the surface rubbish that tells you what you are not capable of, then and only then, can you stumble across the gold called personal potential.

What’s the definition of that gold?

“Self trust”.

It’s laying deep inside you, waiting for you to chip down and uncover it again. It’s been there waiting, since you were 5 years old. Covered and cloaked in layer upon layer of structure and negative self belief, taught to you courtesy of a social structure that sees itself as little more than a commodity. A social structure that encourages fear, safety, sameness and adherence.

There’s no uncovering personal potential if you are busy looking outwards in the same direction as the mob, that is operating under the same structure you are. If you are following them, and they are also following limited self belief, how does that equate to moving toward success and freedom? If it did, wouldn’t it stand to reason that everyone would be successful?

Who then are the truly successful people that you have noted in this life? What do they have in common? My god, they are all total individuals! Each with their own inspirations and motivations, driven from the same place you are desperately looking for.

The problem is, by following what you think is their lead, is in fact, actually the complete opposite. If you were truly going to follow their lead, you wouldn’t look out, you’d look within like they did.

You’d see what they followed was, in fact, individual heart, gut and instinct. You’d see that what they actually did was drop their limitations by following their own unique path that their own existence gave to them at birth. Yes that’s right, just like yours did.

If you can see this is the truth, then it’s not hard to see how adding to yourself simply buries the potential of your own truth, deeper, ever deeper within you. So get your rock axe out and start chipping. You could uncover something incredible inside yourself that you never expected.

I did.

Consciously fall apart and you’ll see that everything is falling apart. Transient and unstable, life is all about falling, getting up and falling again. That’s the nature of it, why resist?

There is no safety, no one is the same, fear is an illusion for a social structure that believes it can stabilise the unstable and make immortal that which is transient. That madness has gone on for long enough! Be what you are, and become what you can be in the moments you have.

What do you believe your limitations are? Are they real of are they belief? If you’d like to explore this concept deeper I’d love to explore with you via an online session.

Grant Giles

Grant Giles created Sports Supports after 30 years as both an athlete and coach, and 10 years studying ego psychology. Grant understands first hand what it takes to succeed in sport, regardless of which sport this is, and what level you are competing at. Not only does Grant understand the ego at an athletic level, Grant has also suffered from anxiety and depression throughout his life, having experienced first hand the debilitating effects of the mind. Grant has an easy, caring nature that allows him to meet his clients in a way that creates an ease that allows him to facilitate personal growth whether that be on a sporting or personal level, or both.

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