Athlete Mindfulness Workshop Gold Coast

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A half day workshop held on Australia’s Gold Coast, based on an interactive exploration into sports performance.

This workshop is relevant to all sports and suitable for all experience levels.

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A half day workshop with an interactive exploration into sports performance.

Date: February 2018

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Cost: $79 (Early bird $65 to 31st January 2018)

Sport: All sports

Level: All experience levels will enjoy and benefit from this course.


Narrowed down into the nitty gritty of what the definition of true sports performance is based on, a human experience of it.

We like to think of ourselves as machines and often when we think of sport specific mental toughness we think this is what it means. It is not, mental toughness is the ability to truly tune in not out, if we are tuning out we are copping out and divorcing ourselves from true potential.

At the core of every athlete’s true potential is the main block –“The fear of winning”. This fear comes with a list of learned responses that can be undone with a little ground work.


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