Fear and the Stonewall

The fear is not outside of you!

This situation contains no real fear. The fear we feel and project is coming from inside of us.

This being was not born out of fear, this being was born out of love. Love is the original ground zero, not fear.

Fear is something we learn and teach each other, I’m not talking about the fight and flight fear that is a natural response to threat, I am talking about the fear we carry around in our heads that hides the truth in our hearts, that turns every possibility into an existential threat.

The mind carries and expands fear, the heart carries no fear, it only carries the original fuel of life itself we all know as love. Your head is not the source of your life force, your heart is.

Fear is an image that we overlay over experience. Fear requires a projection because projection is the stuff fear is made of.

Now this doesn’t mean we won’t feel it, but if we don’t want it to manifest in the outside world we have to look deeply into its fabric, and if we look deep enough for long enough we find it is not made of fabric at all. It is a habit, an addiction of sorts, and like an addict we need to learn how to acknowledge it, be conscious of it, so we can change the habitual pattern that created it in the first place, which for most of us is very old.

So deep and so ingrained is the fear that we are actually asleep in it.

That sleep robs us of the beauty in our lives, yes the beauty thats here right now, even through this pickle we are all in.

Fear builds a stone wall around our hearts that does nothing other than keep us in.

That stone wall doesn’t protect us at all, it just stops us living a full, authentic existence. It keeps everything and everyone out while keeping us prisoner inside.

The heart is immensely powerful, it doesn’t need a stone wall. The feelings, emotions and perceptions that your mind creates which you fear will overwhelm you if you let this wall crumble, and let your heart out on the loose, are your way out from behind the wall.

The wall itself is a snow job we do on ourselves to protect us ultimately from the deeper truth inside us.

Stonewalling; to delay or obstruct (a request, process, or person) by refusing to answer questions or by being evasive.

What to do?

Hold the fear, uncertainty and sheer helplessness in the heart, no we are not in control. Accept it and act from a place of compassion and love for yourself and for the one life that brought all other beings here.

Do not try to change the outside world, that’s largely a futile effort full of resistance, judgment and frustration.

Change yourself and you will change the world!


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