Athletes Apathy

Apathy, the destroyer of worlds! Quiet ignorance, acid to human potential.

Resistance is apathy in waiting.

We resist again and again, and it becomes so exhausting, that apathy becomes the natural state.

You know the one I’m talking about, that flat brain fog that follows your training around.

Session after session, wanting to have it feel a certain way, and then of course it never does.

Then you get that fleeting session where it all flows, and you hook into that place hard, yes that’s what I want more of.

The hooking in is causing your resistance, because you want reality to look a certain way, and of course reality doesn’t give a rats arse about what you want.

The end result is that apathy, that brain fog. I’m just not getting what I want.

If inspiration is the fuel to your fire, resistance is the water that puts it out.

How could you not be apathetic when resistance is your constant state of being?

What can you do?

I’ll give you a transformational practice right here.

It’s called “yes”,

and if it’s really tough it’s called “yes even this”.

If you truly want to get into flow with your goal, what ever it is, you have to say yes to the conditions in which that goals appears.

Resistance in any form is battery acid to your goal.

We think we have to resist in order to overcome the negative aspects of the conditions that surround the goal. That my friends is the problem.

What you need to do is say yes to all conditions. The good, the bad and the down right ugly. When you do that you will become capable of maximising each moment regardless of what it brings to you.

That is the definition of true success because you can only realise your potential from this place.

From the place you are in right “now”.

So which is it going to be, a yes or a no?

Yes to being in flow, or no, I will be in resistance.

Catch yourself in resistance where ever you can, and choose “yes even this”.

Watch how fast your mind and body down regulate.

Want to succeed? Simply choose YES.

Grant Giles

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