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  • “When the gaps opened up to the leaders I was able to close the gap by tuning into my body. I was able to react without panic. I was able to endure a lot more pain because I could let it be there without any mind resistance.”

    ~ Tim commenting on his experience at the Ironman World Championship in Kona 2014.

    Tim Berkel
    Professional Triathlete
  • Hi Christie and Grant. Great session tonight!!! I've hit a Eureka moment 🙂 So excited about delving deeper now - this is really going to tranfsorm my sport.  

    Debbie Solms
    Beauty of Exercise
  • I had a plan 2 years ago to have my 41st birthday in Kona, so to stop and give my family a kiss and say thank you to them each 600m from the finish line will be with me forever. The roar from the crowd when i did it . . . Jane said it made grown men cry!!! There wasn't one stage of the race that I wished it was over, I lived in the moment every second and never drifted. The wind didn’t worry me on the bike, I welcomed it. I welcomed the hills, I embraced the bash and crash of the swim. This was a new experience which I laughed at, and was the best swim i have ever done in a triathlon. I didn’t even long for the last turning buoy. The article you sent last week nailed everything, and taking the approach in using the island and its energy was so evident for me yesterday. So cheers to you coach, to your wisdom and knowledge, and being a part of my lifelong dream of getting to the Finish line in Kona. Mahalo.
    Nathan Jackson
    Cycle Torque
  • Just wanted to say a big thanks for all your support and guidance. Post fracture the body is not what it was 7 months ago, but geez mate the mind is so steadfast. The pain was there today and was close to a 10 at times, but that's all it was. I was present and in the moment all the way. Going under 9 hrs three years ago was so special and always will be the best race here I have put together, but this one sits right next to it. I could not wipe the grin off my face. I got a true sense of what it's like to win personally today, irrespective of what the race clock said. Life throws some big old curve balls at you at times and how we react defines us. The Kona 2016 journey started in Ballarat when the belief was there that I could do it again. This journey had highs and lows, but putting into practice what you have taught and instilled in me played a big part of completing the goal. So thanks mate. I am super proud and privileged to be coached by you.
    Hayden Armstrong
  • Hi Grant, You don't know me, however I have felt compelled to send you a message since my recent race completion in Kona. Put simply, your article 'Kona Mind Games' had a profound impact on an enormously successful race for me. In particular was the mentality of staying in the moment, maximising the moment. I repeated this continually and allowed myself to enjoy the race and not allow my mind to wander further than it needed to. So thanks so much for posting this article at an opportune time that allowed me to read it. Cheers mate.
    Brendan Cullen
  • The skills I have gained from doing the 6 week sport support course with Grant have not only allowed me to smash my PB’s and conquer challenges I never thought possible, they have also enabled me to let go of performance baggage that was holding me back from reaching my full potential. I have no doubt that with what I learned from the course I will be able to take my performance to my fullest potential and really explore what I am truly capable of without limitations.

    Thank you Grant!

    Kate Chiffey-Grey
    Body Transformers, Gold Coast


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